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Isabelle Willson

Isabelle is achieving a second Master in Arts, with Music Education emphasis. She obtained a first Master at SFSU in piano, awarded for distinguished achievement, under the direction of Dr Victoria Neve and Dr Roger Woodward. Isabelle comes from Switzerland, and speak French, Spanish, and English. She arrived in the United States five years ago, after having obtained her Certificate of Piano in the Conservatory of Geneva, awarded highly commanded, and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish language, and History of Cinema.


She has been teaching and accompanying since she arrived in the US. She was a teacher assistant for two years as part of the after-school program Music Team at the Elementary  School Woodrow Wilson in Daily City. She accompanyed GWHS Spring musical, Carnival. She has been working for four years in the high-school music program.


Isabelle discovered the love of teaching ten years ago. She builds along with the student a solid rhythmic foundation, based on the Swiss educator Jaques Dalcroze’s principles. Each musical concept is taught thoroughly, based on the child’s comprehension and readiness. Each aspect has to be understood entirely before going to the next level. This structure is based on European pedagogues, such as Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi. Isabelle also believes in regular ear-training and rhythm exercises, in order to strengthen each student musicianship.

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