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Vivian Zhu

Vivian Zhu, a member of Guzheng Profession Committee of Chinese Musicians Association. She graduated from Wuhan Conservatory of Music. She studied guzheng with renowned performers and educator, such as Prof. Zhongshan Wang from China Conservatory of Music and Prof. Yan Gao and received guidance from Prof. Qing Wu. She had received numerous honors and awards, such as Top Prize at the Third Session of Singapore Golden Lion International Guzheng Competition of 2009 and the Copper Prize at the “Mountain and Water Cup” Guzheng Competition. She has appeared in a number of Chinese television programs, most notably at the CCTV Chinese Music Channel and Hubei Economic TV Channel. she has given countless lectures as a guest speaker at Universities, colleges, festivals, libraries, and cultural centers, where she has been introducing guzheng and traditional Chinese music to the Western audiences and students. Vivian has performed with numerous orchestras including Eastern Chinese Orchestra, Iowa City Community String Orchestra and Orchid Ensemble. She has performed in Singapore, China, Canada, Unite State, and the North America.


Vivian has over 10 years of experience in teaching students of various ages. She finds a unique approach to each student according to his/her learning style, age and musical background.



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