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Demo Class Give Child A Chance to Explore Music

Little Pianist Demo Class

The Little Pianist program is a great music curriculum for children ages 4-5. It provides the structure for learning to take place while allowing children the freedom to think. Children are empowered to set goals in their music learning while experiencing it a playful and positive environment.

We got 90% positive feedback, after student and parent attend the demo class.  Don't miss the chance, Register the demo class today.

Demo Class Date:

8/27/22     Sat.     2:00 PM

9/10/22     Sat.     2:00 PM


Young Pianist Demo Class

Happy Mozart Music School’s Young Pianist piano program is designed for children ages 6~8. This unique program focuses on building a solid foundation in the understanding and enjoyment of playing the piano.

It is a very good program to start child's music education, Register the demo class today.

Demo Class Date:

Little Mozart Violin Demo Class

This interactive group environment will combine fun and learning for beginner violin students aged 6 to 7 years. This program is a cost effective way for a parent to introduce music lessons and integrate a new instrument into their child’s life.

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Demo Class Date:

8/24/21   Tue.    5:00 PM

8/31/21     Tue.    5:00 PM

Happy Guitar Demo Class

This group class is structured to create the next generation of  guitar artists in a fun and exciting setting. It is designed for children who want to experience music and guitar for the first time. Music theory and reading musical notation is introduced while learning the fundamentals of guitar technique and playing.

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Demo Class Date:
8/27/21     Fri.    4:00 PM

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