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Little Pianist Piano Class
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The Little Pianist program is a great music curriculum for children ages 4-5. It provides the structure for learning to take place while allowing children the freedom to think. Children are empowered to set goals in their music learning while experiencing it a playful and positive environment. This program has rhythm, listening, singing, ear training. Children will meet in small groups, in their own age category, once a week for 50 minutes, accompanied by parents. The program will have 4 different levels in one year with 36 classes.
Piano In our piano class, your child will be trained to listen and identify rhythm patterns, well-known melodies. Student will gain a firm foundation for some standard piano repertories as well as technique, scale, and full chord studies on the piano. Our fun training will give the child a great professional piano training since beginning.
Rhythm Ensembles Rhythm and keyboard ensembles are used throughout the course for: *Reinforcement of rhythm reading *Ensemble practice *Exposure to great melodies *Introduction to periods and styles Fun
What kind of training will this program have?
Singing Development of ear training and sight-singing through the iterative teaching. Songs are also used for expressive singing and to reinforce dynamics and the teaching of concepts.
Composer History It will help children understand all different style of music, study in great composer’s history. Class will show different composer’s background and music styles to educate children that emotion of music.
Homework Developmentally appropriate written materials are provided for each level as confirmation and review of rudiments and theory. Homework for the youngest learner might be a gluing and coloring task. All home work hand out will help to reinforce what had been taught in class and written homework might include note and rhythm notation, vocabulary, chord study, scale writing and theory.
Parent Involvement Parent participation is integral to the Little Pianist Class. By being present, parents become aware of their child’s learning styles, strengths and interests. And they can serve as informed guides in choosing further musical study. Parent participation in the program is very important. It will helps reinforcement of concepts and skill-building at home. Parents see how the concepts are presented, and learn how to reinforce the ideas at home.
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2023 Little Pianist Class Schedule
Little Pianist Class Tuition (36 weeks)
Next class may host in September 2023
Next class may host in September 2023
Little Pianist Demo Class Schedule
✦ Monthly Tuition $270 (9 payments).
Pro-rated Tuition: $270 pro-rated monthly tuition (one child and one parent) 50 minutes class weekly. Total 36 classes for 36 weeks, 9 payments required. ✦ $80 material fee. Materials include: class text book, Hand-out binder, Homework activity book, Set of tin sheet, magnets, a beautiful school bag, a set of crayons and a castanet. ✦ LIttle Pianist 10- month Membership Fee $ 25.
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What Parents Said About This Program?
I'm so glad we found the Happy Mozart Music School, the Little Pianist program. It is so fun and easy to learn. My daughter is enjoy it so much. I wish I had the program like that when I learn the piano at age 5. Their teaching method is so different than the traditional way to learn the piano. My daughter and I are happy that we sign up this class. Jane, Burlingame
We've had a really great experience with the group piano music class for my daughter, who started at age 4.5. The caliber of the teaching is outstanding! We've been impressed with the style of teaching - my daughter's teacher keeps her engaged, motivated and having fun! Highly recommend this school for anyone in search of a program that is child-focussed , inspires children to love/appreciate music, and fosters an excellent foundation in technique. Anna, San Mateo My son is 5 and half years old. He is so interested in the music. Since he was 4 years old we were looking for a piano class for him. We were try other music class but it was kind of music appreciation class. We try to let him focus on Piano, so we search Online and found this program. This program let me involved in the class and learn piano at same time. We had a great time working together in the Little Pianist program. Daniel, Foster City
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