( Age 6-10) Happy Guitar Class
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The fund way to learn guitar. This group class is structured to create the next generation of guitar artists in a fun and exciting setting. It is designed for children who want to experience music and guitar for the first time. Music theory and reading musical notation is introduced while learning the fundamentals of guitar technique and playing. Play together in group setting In this class, students will have the chance to interact and work together in group exercises while the teacher's expertise help students perform at their best. Children will also experience playing solo pieces and duets, which will teach them from an early age how to communicate with others musically as well as make them feel more confident performing in front of an audience.
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2023 Guitar Class Schedule
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Guitar Class Tuition ( 6 weeks ) ✦ Level 1 (6 Lessons) ✦ 1 Payments of Tuition $250 50 minutes class weekly. Total 6 classes. ✦ Material fee $30. Material included: class text book and a beautiful school bag. ✦ Group Class Registration Fee $ 25. *School will reserve the right to cancel the class, if it under registration.
(650) 525-9395 Email: Music@HappyMozart.com