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Professional Music Instructor

Teachers at Happy Mozart Music School are all experienced experts who tailor their teaching and speed of progression based on each individual student’s needs and their parent’s expectations. This helps maintain a top level of class quality that is indispensable for the student’s success.


As children get older (age 5 and up), we encourage parents to start their child on Private Lessons as a means to quickly advance their musical skills. Our teacher’s attention will be fully focused on one child during our private lesson sessions, and will help the student significantly in terms of progress.

Aside from instructions on how to play the instrument and reading musical notations, our private lessons also train students to use their ears to distinguish different sounds, tones, or rhythms. This will fine-tune a student’s musical sense by making them more aware of the sound quality that they are producing from their instrument. Additional training includes sight-reading and music theory to help students succeed in their musical education.

Student Recitals

Student recitals will be held 2 times a year. Participation in recitals will help a student to gain performing experiences and to also motivate and encourage student in their musical progress, as well as to build technique and musicality. The recitals provide students with a short-term goal, which can bring their level of achievement to a higher standard of excellence. Therefore, we strongly encourage our students to participate in all recitals.

Private Lesson Tuition

Annual Year-Round Membership Fee: $80  
Includes: School Bag, 1student ID,homework assignment sheets, practice sheet, in-house events, and administrative expenses.


Students who attend the off-site Concert Performance Events will be charged an additional fee. These fees are in lieu of charging tickets for family members to attend. This fee helps to cover the cost of our off-site venue. Attendance at these events is not mandatory.

45 minutes approximately $340 pro-rated monthly tuition
60 minutes approximately $450 pro-rated monthly tuition

Any question about your private lesson welcome to call us:
(650) 525-9395

(650) 525-9395 Email: Music@HappyMozart.com