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Young Pianist Piano Class
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Happy Mozart Music School’s Young Pianist piano program is designed for children ages 6~8. This unique program focuses on building a solid foundation in the understanding and enjoyment of playing the piano. Musical concepts are reinforced with group activities presented in a lively and positive way using specialized teaching materials. Children will be taught to recognize notes on the staff, basic hand positions such as the C position, and note names and their beat values. Music theory, ear training, sight-reading, and performance skills covered in the program will also help ensure you child’s success in learning the piano.
What kind of training will this program have?
The concepts and skills that are covered in each week’s lessons are provided by special trained teacher. Listening is essential to musical literacy; children will develop ear training, sight-singing and recognize piano pitch through our designed class activities. Teacher will bring new musical concepts each week, and lead children step by step to achieve new piano techniques consistently. Students can make the steady progress every week.
Appropriate written homework is provided students to reinforce the musical concepts, theory, rhythm notation and music terms which learned in the class. New piano repertories will be taught and assigned in this class, it helps students gain a firm foundation of piano skills and prepare for a future performance. Our Young Pianist graduates are very highly motivated for feature study in music and private piano lessons.
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2022 Young Pianist Class Schedule
Young Pianist Class Tuition ( 8 weeks )
TBA 5:00 PM
TBA 5:00 PM
Young Pianist Demo Class Schedule
TBA 5:00 PM
TBA 5:00 PM
*School will reserve the right to cancel the class, if it under registration.
✦ Level 1 & 2 (8 Lessons) ✦ 2 Payments of Tuition $240 Pro-rated Tuition: $240 pro-rated monthly tuition (per student) 50 minutes class weekly. Total 16 classes, 4 payments required. ✦ Material fee $50. Material included: class text book, Hand-out binder, Homework activity book, and a beautiful school bag, ✦ Group Class Registration Fee $ 25.
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