Happy Mozart Music School

( Age 4-5)

Little Pianist Piano Class

The Little Pianist program is a great music curriculum for children ages 4-5. It provides the structure for learning to take place while allowing children the freedom to think.

( Age 6-8)

Young Pianist Piano Class

Happy Mozart Music School’s Young Pianist piano program is designed for children ages 6~8.

Happy Mozart Guitar Class

This group class is structured to create the next generation of  guitar artists in a fun and exciting setting. It is designed for children who want to experience music and guitar for the first time.

( Age 6-10)

Little Mozart Violin Class

This interactive group environment will combine fun and learning for beginner violin students aged 6 to 8 years.

( Age 6-8)

This is the class that provide to student who like to prepare the ABRSM theory exam. Student will need 4 to 6 month to prepare the Level 5 theory exam.

ABRSM Theory Class

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